What you can expect to see in hardwood flooring

What you can expect to see in hardwood flooring

Wood flooring is visually appealing with a classic beauty and benefits that include versatility, a long life span, easy care, and real estate value-adding. Although these floors are timeless, specific trends in species, textures, finishes, or even color and layout. Here's what to expect.

Light colors are back

They are now back in a big way, and designers not only say they're here to stay, but some are also expecting them to change the face of interior design. Colors like blonde, caramel, honey/copper, and whitewashed give a room a light, airy feeling, make it appear larger, and coordinate with almost anything. These colors also hide scuff marks, scratches, and dust well.

Wide and random width planks

The more expansive, the better because there's a lot more space to show off those knots, grains, and all the features that make wood floors so special. They can have a historical look because they were used primarily in the homes of the 1800s, but they can be just as modern with the right furnishings.

Random width planks are just as they sound; designers combine planks of varying widths and lengths to create unique layouts and custom patterns. They can even visually enlarge a small, narrow room! To learn more, come to speak to the experts at our hardwood flooring company.

Engineered hardwood

While this has the same natural beauty as solid hardwood flooring, it is constructed to make it more stable and better able to handle water, appealing to those who want both beauty and practicality.

Expect also to see textures, including everything from smooth surfaces to subtle scratches that are done with a steel wire brush to expose the heartwood– and rough, rustic ones like hand-scraped, weathered and distressed.

Also, fumed or smoked finishes on the scene, featuring a darker color with a gray undertone, often used for white oak floors.

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