Carpet being rolled out onto hardwood flooring

Hardwood vs. carpet: Which is easier to maintain?

Flooring is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner has to make. A lot of the decision may be based on personal preference, but there are practical factors that should be considered. Things like whether or not you have kids or pets, what the function of the room is, the climate you live in and the maintenance for upkeep are all very important when it comes to choosing your new flooring.

While all of our flooring can fit your lifestyle needs, at the end of day the burning question is whether hardwood or carpet is easier to maintain. No homeowner wants flooring that requires cleaning day in and day out.

There are pros and cons to both flooring materials, which we will discuss below.

The Pros and Cons of Carpet

Carpet is of course softer and warmer than hardwood, but the downside to that is it requires frequent vacuuming to avoid a build up of trapped dirt, dust and pet hairs that will inevitably make their way into the carpet fibers. Carpet also requires shampooing or steaming several times a year to thoroughly clean out allergens and other debris that your vacuum cleaner is unable to pick up. Another negative issue with carpet is that it is more susceptible to showing wear and tear in heavy traffic areas of your room.

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood

Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpet overall, but they still require mopping or sweeping every few days. While carpeting requires a deep cleaning a few times a year, you should use a cleaning solution on hardwood at least once a month on hardwood. Liquid spills are much easier to clean up on hardwood, but dropping a heavy object could dent your hardwood and would have little if any impact on carpet.

When it comes down to it, all types of flooring require cleaning and maintenance. So the choice is your overall preference.