Best way to choose hardwood flooring

Best way to choose hardwood flooring

No one can ever doubt the visual appeal of wood flooring. These floors are durable, relatively low maintenance, and add value to a property.

That said, any flooring is a significant investment in your home. Therefore, the best way to choose is to conduct a little research and consider additional factors.

Which version do you want?

Solid wood is one thickness throughout. Engineered is layered, making it stable and better able to handle water.

The difference lies only in construction. On the surface, they both look similar.

Engineered and solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood offer beautiful oak, maple, hickory (or whatever your species of choice is) wood floors. They both have undertones, grains, swirls, and knots.

Do you want patterns or unusual layouts?

Herringbone and chevron patterns, as well as random width layouts, are trending right now. Also, decide if you like a lot of knots, grains, and swirls or if you'd like something more subtle.

Decide on installation

Solid is always the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. Engineered can be glued, nailed, or installed as a floating floor.

Decide on wood choice

At this point, come into our hardwood flooring company because there are many species from which to choose. You'll see offerings from companies like Bruce, Chesapeake, Mannington, etc.

Domestic species are warmer and more traditional. Exotics are darker and more dramatic.

Examples of domestics are oak, hickory, maple, walnut, birch, and ash. An example of an exotic is the blazing red Brazilian cherry.

Remember, you can easily make the floors lighter or darker with stains.

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