Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services in Richmond, VA
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We can refinish your floors and restore them to their natural beauty.

Sanding and Refinishing Services

Sanding and refinishing is a great way to revive the beauty of your old hardwood floors, while also adding value to your home. When your floors start looking dull, let the experts at Costen Floors restore the original luster of your floor using professional equipment and high performance stains and finishes. We also offer Dust Reduction systems to minimize sanding dust by up to 80%. Give us a call today to find out if our Sanding and Refinishing services are right for you.

What to expect when finishing your hardwood floors:

Things that are necessary to complete the sanding of your floors:

  • Ample access to 110Vand 220V, (electric dryer or electric range outlet) power.
  • Remove all items from rooms involved.
  • Provide unencumbered access to jobsite on all days.
  • All other work should be finished in the rooms containing wood floors. No other floor traffic can be allowed during the finishing process.
  • Air conditioning and/or heating should be working to help keep your floor at normal living conditions. This will help the drying times of finish.
  • Repairs to existing wood floors must be complete before sanding and finishing your floors.

Extra precautions you can take to help the job run smoothly:

  • If you desire to have your kitchen cabinets covered, please tape around door and drawer openings. Loose plastic could be sucked into our sanding equipment and pulled off cabinets.
  • To contain dust, use plastic or old sheets to cover doors on the opposite side of the floor being sanded. Don’t tape to the floor being sanded. Trying to cover areas that are open from the ceiling to floor is often frustrating and can cause damage to ceilings. This covering usually falls down within a 1/4 day due to the weight of the plastic. Zip walls are an alternative option.
  • Using blue masking/low adhesive tape on wood only, never on sheet rock.
  • Cover all air returns with cheesecloth (This will allow airflow while minimizing/filtering dust)
  • Meet with our crew onsite the first day to walk your floor and confirm a stain color.
  • Even with our dust collection systems you will have light sanding dust settle around the areas involved. We recommend changing the HVAC filters once the sanding is complete.
  • Allow for dry days. We try to put a coat on everyday but due to some conditions (humidity, air movement, etc) this can take longer.